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Cooling System

Engines create a lot of heat. This heat would cause a complete breakdown if it was not controlled and this is the job of the cooling system.


Engines create a lot of heat. It is the job of the cooling system to control that heat.

Problems show up as:
The temperature gauge shows a high reading, especially when the vehicle has a heavy load or is traveling uphill. The temperature gauge moves from normal to hot and back again.

The vehicle could smell “hot”. Steam may come from the radiator.

It can be as simple as filling the system with a coolant/water solution. If that does not work, a flush of the cooling system may be needed. The thermostat, seals, water pump and hoses may need replacing in severe cases. In the worst case, a new radiator as well as water pump may need to be fitted.


  • Have your technician test the coolant and cooling system at each service (the good ones already do this). The cooling solution has a limited life and should be tested and changed on a regular basis.
  • If the vehicle is hot, put your heater to maximum heat and the fan to full as this can help. Stop as soon as it is safe to do so, wait until the system cools. Try moving again and if the same happens, call Automotive Solutions.

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