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Timing Belt/Cambelt

A Cambelt (or timing belt) is just that: a belt. This belt keeps many major moving parts of the engine working in unison. Without it, the engine would not run.

Timing Belt

Timing Belt

Problems show up as:
What happens is that the belt can fail. This is called an “instantaneous unforeseen failure”. Your engine will stop immediately, which is highly dangerous if traveling at higher speeds. Most failures result in significant damage and costs.

Manufacturers will recommend replacement intervals based on age and/or kilometers traveled. The timing belt should be replaced as indicated by them. Other components that are run with the timing belt (water pump, idle pulleys, etc) may need to be replaced at the same time.


  • Talk to Automotive Solutions if you do not know when your timing belt should be replaced.
  • Prices vary on different makes and models due to engine design and complexity.

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