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Brake Fluid

Automotive Solutions can replace your brake fluid

Automotive Solutions can replace your brake fluid, preventing unnecessary problems.

What is brake fluid?

  • Brake fluid is the hydraulic oil used throughout your vehicle to transfer pressure to the brakes.

Why change the brake fluid?

  • Brake fluid is a hydroscopic fluid meaning that it absorbs moisture. Moisture is created from the heating/cooling effects of normal brake use, also humidity from the atmosphere. The moisture causes rusting and pitting of internal parts, which leads to unnecessary replacement costs. Under severe braking excess, moisture can cause the fluid to boil leading to brake failure.

When is it necessary to change brake fluid?

  • We test the moisture content using a Hydrometer. Once the fluid has an excess of 3% moisture, we will recommend replacing it. This is checked annually by us and normally requires changing every 2 years.

Will I notice any difference in my brakes?

  • If the system is well maintained and the fluid has been replaced on a regular basis, in most cases the brakes will feel the same.
  • If the brake fluid is overdue for replacement, we usually find that the brake pedal is firmer with less travel and less pedal pressure is required to stop the vehicle.

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