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Dashboard Warning Indicators

These take the form of lights on your dashboard. When you start a vehicle, its computer checks out the operating systems e.g. air bag, engine management and ABS brakes to name a few.

Warning lights on your dasboard.

Warning lights on your dasboard.

Problems show up as:
The warning indicator lights light up when you start the vehicle and then go out as the vehicle’s computer checks each system. If they don’t go out, you have a problem. If they come on while you are driving, you should stop and contact Automotive Solutions, who can tell you if it is something that should be actioned immediately and inform you if it is safe to drive on.

The only solution is to have Automotive Solutions plug in a scan tool so they can “talk” to the vehicle’s computer and find out what the fault is indicating.


  • Did you know that when the air bag warning light is on, your air bags won’t work?

Do not ignore the warning indicator lights.

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